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Freesound.orgSound Collections ( T.E.C. sounds )
Music from Memory Record Label (Night/ Geomancy)
JCG MusicsJCG Musics USA @SoundCloud
Cities and MemoryGlobal Sound Mapping
Jeskola BuzzBuzz Digital Audio Workstation 
Buzz PluginsBuzz Plugins
Audio StellarGenerative Composer
App Inventor Learn Coding
Pure Data Computer Synthesis  (MAX, Cycle '74)
Sonic Pi Live Coding based on Ruby
Synth EditMake your own Synth.
Cabbage SoftwareSoftware for prototyping and developing audio instruments (Csound)
LibriVoxAudio Books- Public Domain U.S.A.
Plum VillageZen Buddhist Site (Thich  Nhat Hanh)
Cornell UniversityCornell Lab of Ornithology (Birds)
Wild SanctuaryOrganization dedicated to the recording and archiving of natural soundscapes.
United States Geological SurveyUnited States Department of the Interior