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The Electronic Closet (ECS)

Plum Village

The Plum Village Monastery is a Buddhist 
monastery of the Plum Village Tradition 
in the Dordogne, southern France. 
It was founded by two Vietnamese 
 Thích Nhất Hạnh 
and Chân Không, in 1982.


Self Produced. Given only as a gift.  Recorded between 1998-2000 at T.E.C. Studios. Printed 2001

Still Water. A meditation on Breathing by Thich Nhat Hanh.
Hipgnosis. The desire for warm and fuzzy Spirituality.
Samsara. The desire to Exist.
Leaves on Water in Fall. The desire of no desire
Uncertain Mooring. The desire for Stability.
East meets West. The desire to mix.
Travels through Shadows. The desire to find Peace.
Hungry Ghosts. The desire of Desire. 
Just the Heart. The desire to Sit.

All loops are Acid, JCG, or public domain.
"Leaves on Water in Fall"- MIDI file 
GM voices, programmed by JCG.