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The Electronic Closet (ECS)

Site for San Francisco Underground Artist/ Musician/
Composer and Publisher Joel Graham. A.K.A. J
oel C. Graham Storage for JCG Graphics 
(Original Paintings and Prints) and JCG Music.
 (Original music demos and audio experiments) 
and Assorted Curiosities.

   Wandering, generative, pitched piece using shifting logical, chaotic and pseudo- random controls to carve and curve sonic material. No wind or rain, or samples. 31 modules. A work in progress using VcV Rack (a Eurorack emulator https://vcvrack.com/). 23.4min.

The Top row is mixing and processing before output. The visuals are: Mixer, Frequency Equalizer, Spectrum Analyzer, Limiter and Output Scope.

The Middle row is control.- a Clock drives a sequencer (blue boxes) choosing four notes in the key of "E", in a Minor scale. The visuals are: Sequencer, music keyboard, Oscilloscope.

The Bottom row is sound generation and real time voice processing. the visuals are: Yellow bars (voltage levels controlling loudness or filter cutoffs).

 Programmed by Joel Graham.