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Geomancy / Night   (Published by Music from Memory )


Below is Music from Memory print of "Geomancy".

Below are original cassette recordings.

"Geomancy/Night 1982-1984" are recordings of experiments in improvised live 
performance of electronic music by a single performer/controller 
pre-computer/consumer (MIDI) control. "Night" was originally included on the cassette
 tape called "Urban Animism". "Geomancy" was included on the cassette 
tape "Under Terra Cotta". 

  At the time, my "studio" was named "Lions Main Music Productions".
 I am a Leo and I had long hair 
(it was a take off of "Mainman Productions" (Tony Defries). 
Decades later...In a recycled commentary it was opined that the name may 
have been a reference to some substance in..

Lions Mane Mushroom jpg

     It was not. 

In 2015 I was "found" by Music from Memory...through my account at Soundcloud.
 I had sent out cassette tapes in the late 1970's early 80's through C.L.E.M. all 
 over the world.
 It was part of the musical independence movement (Punk/New Wave) happening in 
San Francisco and other Cities around the globe at the time. 
 Apparently one ended up being kept for near 40 yrs. somewhere (much to my surprise).
 Being the nomad I have been, it was very difficult to locate me. 
But Music from Memory did and through 
Jamie Tiller ,negotiated to print Night/Geomancy to vinyl. Thank you MFM!. j.
 10/18/2023- MUSIC FROM MEMORY- “We are deeply saddened and heartbroken to announce that 
our dear friend and founder of Music From Memory, Jamie Tiller passed away on Sunday, 
  October 15 following a tragic accident,” 
  Music From Memory’s Tako Reyenga, Boris Van Der Hoff, and Nick Verbakel.

Music from memory co-founder Jamie Tiller