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  Grimes Point is an archaeological site in Nevada (USA). 
During the Pleistocene Epoch (2.5 million -11,000 yrs ago), this area and most of northwestern Nevada, was covered by ancient 
Lake Lahontan. Over the last 10,000 years, the level of ancient Lake Lahontan fluctuated widely, at times drying up completely. 
When above water, the Grimes Point area would have been marshland with a wide variety of wetland plants and animals available
for use by prehistoric populations. Grimes Point was first visited by Native Americans perhaps 8,000 years ago or more.
Grimes Point is a field of basalt boulders that are covered with a glossy black patina, commonly called "desert varnish". 
 Many of the boulders are covered with pecked or carved rock designs called petroglyphs. The antiquity of many of the petroglyphs
can be evidenced by how varnish has completely recovered with patina the carved surfaces with newer designs "on top" of them.


G.P. 1: Grimes Point looking North East toward Idaho/Utah.
G.P. 2: Petroglyphs (enhanced to show detail).
G.P. 3: Petroglyphs (enhanced to show detail).
G.P. 4: Grimes Point Looking North to Oregon/Idaho. Petroglyphs (enhanced to show detail).
G.P. 5: Grimes Point looking West to the Sierra Nevada mountains.
G.P. 6: Grimes Point looking South toward Walker Lake.

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Lake Lahontan graphic by Wikipedia