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AmbiGen Lite-  App Inventor Block Code


AmbiGen is a program.
(Ambience Generator)
  I Edit sounds of nature into little chunks (samples). Bird chirps and 
phrases, Water drips, Rain, Crickets, Frogs, Fog horns, Footsteps etc.
 I then reassemble "nature" by triggering selected sounds using timing, random 
functions, graphics and other comparisons in an attempt to generate a 
unique sequence to trigger sounds suggesting a possible place. 
I call this concept Ambience Generation (AmbiGen).  
  For many years it was popular to purchase and listen to canned nature recordings.
Categorized by place either in Forest or Seashore etc. Some have
music. Each time they start it is a repeat performance and takes up a bit of space in 
the library.
  Each time AmbiGen is started it generates a unique assembly of the sounds selected
and plays them. It was developed for my android and it works very well for me.
 I have since explored the same idea using bell tones for a Wind Chime effect 
and others.
 These are some examples of "reconstructed nature" and "reconstructed windchimes". 
Yes, they are recordings.