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Warning! Adjust headphone volume to 20%

Not for everyone's listening sensibilities!

This is NOISE! and Noise/Glitch related...

Noise is unwanted sound considered unpleasant, loud or disruptive to hearing. From a physics standpoint, noise is indistinguishable from desired sound, as both are vibrations through a medium, such as air or water. The difference arises when the brain receives and perceives a sound.. 

Glitch is a genre of electronic music that emerged in the 1990s. It has been described as having an "aesthetic of failure" distinguished by the deliberate use of glitch-based audio media and other sonic artifacts.

 (Not responsible for Headaches, Nosebleeds, Spiritual, or Psychiatric Episodes or Awakenings or Conversions.)

Tinnitus is when you experience ringing (high pitched sine waves) or other noises in one or both of your ears. The noise you hear when you have tinnitus isn't caused by an external sound, and other people usually can't hear it. Tinnitus is a common problem. It affects about 15% to 20% of people, and is especially common in older adults.

Noise comes in colors! A vey interesting adventure...Some say Black noise is silence. Pink noise is the heavier part of a ocean wave, White noise could be the hiss of  a snake.

Listen to ocean waves and hear how many different noise colors make up the event.

"What's that noise coming from"

Went for a walk around Stow Lake Golden Gate Park, San Francisco Ca.

I beheld a wonderful waterfall, several stories tall cascading into the lake (being a city dweller, I don't get out much..). I thought, what a wonderful place to record a waterfall! being early in the day was great, minimal sonic distractions.

The water falling in one hundred shades of noise, maybe a thousand. filming and recording on my tripod just shaking limbs of an old tree (me) trying to hold a device that is a lot smarter than I am.

 Two days later. I thought, I think I will work on the waterfall today and pulled up the video to hear (see) what I could see (hear).

Tsk Tsk Tsk of the sprinkler at the top of the of the most annoying shades of noise at this particular time. Better chances next time now that I know where the monster lurks!

What do you see?

..the sprinkler at the top of this video..