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In 2015 I was "found" by Music from Memory. I had sent out cassette tapes in the late 1970-80's all over the world. It was part of the musical independence movement (punk/New Wave) happening in San Francisco and other places at the time. 

 Apparently one ended up being kept for near 40 yrs. somewhere (much to my surprise and chagrin). Being the nomad I have been, it was very hard to find me. But Music from Memory did and negotiated to print Night/Geomancy to vinyl. 

First Tape Machine experience was pre 1966. a "Realistc" by Radioshack if I recall correctly.

My dad being a electrical engineer enjoyed "Heath Kits" and put together a stereo amplifier from a kit

as well as constructing our first television from "scratch".

A 12" circular screen with a toggle switch (ungrounded) on the back to turn it on and off (we got a slight shock every time we turned it on or off when barefoot).

I drooled over the Arp 2600 introduced in 1971 at $2600.00 USD. I had first heard it at Altamont (yes, THAT concert) 1969. I had no idea of what I was hearing at the time, but it was too cool.

I started creating my "synth monster" in 1977, a simple chord organ from a second hand store.

My first synth was a Korg Ms10. $599.00 USD 1978 still very expensive at the time for me. My friends said  "No! You Did ent!"

Next the Korg Sq10 sequencer. Wonderful coupling to a mono synth.

Next: Korg Ms20 and finally the Korg Vc10 vocoder.

1980-1984 was a busy productive time. 

My Babies of the 80's : Korg Ms10, Ms20, Sq10. 1978-1980

 1980 met up with percussionist John Distephano and created the electronic music duo KLANG.

This association produced a cassette of music titled "Drift".

John was a student at San Francisco State University at the time.

Through his connections in the media department we procured a limited play (13 pt. T.V. series) contract for one of our pieces "Walk a crooked mile".

As well as participated in a showcase at the university.

"KLANG" performed one time at the Intersection Theater, San Francisco Ca. 1980.

"KLANG" as a duo disbanded shortly thereafter due to lack of interest.


KLANG Live, Intersection Theater San Francisco

John Distephano (right)  Joel Graham (left.)

  I had this idea of Infinite Polyphony, but it had to happen all at once. not one track at a time. That is what gave birth to the "Monster".

 I didn't play well with others. So the idea of a band, although experimented with, was doomed.

  4 track recording machines were very expensive and out of my range. So I ping ponged between two cassette machines, dumped to 2 track reel to reel. Then back to cassette to send out.(Yikes!)

 Studio time was very expensive and out of my range.

  The "happening" college for Electronic Music on the west coast was Mills College in Oakland Ca.

 I was not a student.

  The best Machines were developed and maintained by Bell Labs. I did not have access.

 My dad didn't believe transistors would be the future of electronics.



A1 Loose Change4:23
A2 Walk A Crooked Mile6:16
A3 Carousel5:21
A4 Drift4:46
B1 Home8:07
B2 Data Transfer10:09
B3 Three Moon Reflection

HotHouse S.F. 1983

J.C.G.- Synths

Luis Gaspar- Free Style drummer.