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The Musical Influenza of my youth.. (re-Collected from YouTube)

I give you Fair Warning-  Not for the Timid. Not responsible for nervous attacks, enlightenments, nose bleeds, impulses, implodes, waxing nostalgic, headaches, conversions, inner conversations, interests, interested parties, uninteresting parties, assault upon your senses, any assault at all, waste of time, lack of time, feeling warm, feeling cold, feeling anything, doing anything, thinking anything, planning anything, wishing anything, wanting anything, seeking anything, and not that either! All rights belong to copyright holders. For historical context only.

I am a Fan 1 1930 - 1959

1930- 1950 most doctors recommend..

Edith Piaf "la vie en rose" 1954

Little Richard "Tutti Frutti" 1955

Pete Seeger "This land is your land" 1957