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Birdsong Extraction (a method)

5/2021- Recorded birdsong- Strybing Arboretum S. F. Ca. 6/2021- went about "extracting" the desired sounds by using a Bandpass filter to find frequencies and bandwidth that contain no "birdiness" and reducing them -10 Db.  I start at the lowest frequencies (0-40 Hz) and work upward, everything effects everything in audio adjustments and the only way I could see this relationship changing was using a Spectrum Analyzer.

The Graphs and Audio are divided into 12 segments. The first segment on the left is 30 seconds of the raw recorded signal. Likewise the first segment of the audio is 30 seconds of raw audio. Each segment to the right is a record of changes as they were made.  No compression is used at any of these stages, slight noise reduction was used at the last stage. This was accomplished using Audacity.

Click at different places on the audio timeline below to hear the results of each section without having to listen to the whole process.

Bird song extraction series